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Welcome to Geoexplore Indonesia
eksplorasi Geolistrik maupun survey geolistrik kami selalu siao geolistrik eksplorasi dan st geolistrik

Geoexplore is a consultant who is engaged in the exploration of Earth, supported by experienced and professional experts. We've had a long experience (since 2000s) relating to research and survey activities in the field of Geothermal, Exploration of Natural Resources (Metals and Non Metals) (such as Gold, Copper, Manganese, Galena, Andesite stones, iron ore , iron sand, coal etc.), Disaster Mitigation &
Environmental, Geotechnical and others, funded by government and private sector with locations in Java and outside Java. So far, we always use the other flag. Some Geophysical methods we have done related to the research and survey is a method of electrical resistivity (resistivity / resistivity, Induced Polarization (IP), and Self Potential), Magnetic method, Method of Gravity, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and seismic. In efforts to develop and improve services, we gather together the vision to establish Geoexplore in Mid 2010. We are committed to providing the best related to the problems of geophysical exploration.